Vegan Menu

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New Vegan Friendly and Dietary Menu 

Vegan Menu Cauliflower & Chickpea, Tabbouleh Salad infused with Mint, Parsley, Pomegranate & Raisins. $14

Pizza– Tomato Base, Sweet Potato, Chilli, Pine nuts, Capsicum & Spanish Onion $18

Korean Fried Cauliflower $14 (KA cooked in canola oil)

Broccoli & Crunchy Grain Salad $16 (KA no feta) Sweet Potato Wedges $12

Dressed Rocket Leaves $7 Ceoliac / Gluten Free Sweet Potato Wedges $12

Cauliflower Risotto $21 Berbere Chicken $28 (KA no cous cous)

Dressed Rocket Leaves $7 Dairy Free Sweet Potato Wedges $12

Chicken Wings $16 (KA no tahini dip)

Berbere Chicken $28 (KA no tahini dip or feta)

Broccoli & Crunchy Grain Salad $16 w/ Chicken $24 (KA no feta)

Keto Broccoli, Feta & Crunchy Grain Salad $16 w/ Chicken $24

Berbere Chicken $28

Please advise waitstaff when ordering as some meals are adjusted from our normal cooking methods to accommodate your dietary requirements. Please advise of any other allergies / requirements as not all ingredients are listed on the menu. KA = Kitchen Amendments

Stay Safe, Shop Local and we hope to see you soon at the best open air restaurant in Geradton 🙂

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